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i'm a bad person

i'm a bad person

Does this decision automatically put us in Slytherin? If this means I'm a bad person, I could really care less.<< Fuck world peace, IM GONIG YO HOGWARTS!

This has been a brief description of the Hogwarts Houses.

I'm PeggySue part 81

The Hufflepuffs would have found the key, while the Ravenclaws would have knocked. Honestly, everyone knows Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders." <- True<<<I think a Ravenclaw could pick the lock too

Don't feel bad, Pads, he still loves you

so for no reason i picture Remus and Sirius starting to sing, as Timone and Pumba, 'can you feel the love tonight' from The Lion King, and I am dying from laughter

reading harry potter (accurate)

reading harry potter and only felt as I am not done. Just started 6 and I have felt number 6 for while still but maybe it's about to change and I think OMG JUST DO IT

Tumblr vs Harry Potter

The Lingering Death of a Meditation Practice


FUCK YEAH THATS ME MOTHERFUCKERS except I'm American so. An extravagant eagle painted red, white, and blue to go by stereotype?<<< I'm a Brit and I feel like my stereotypical patronus would be a teacup and saucer

NO. Just NO. I LOVE this but dammit I can't be okay with them coming back AFTER Harry leaves.

Actually I can because that is not how the ghost things work. You have to decide when you first die to become a ghost, and Sirius and James did not. Also being a ghost is considered an act of cowardice.

Harry Potter feels:( I'm not gonna be able to read that part in the same way again ='(

Harry Potter feels:( I'm not gonna be able to read that part in the same way again ='(< I've always thought about the things about Molly, but never the post about Sirius X'(