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Treinta datos que no sabías sobre el número más bello ¿Sabes qué relaciona la manzana de Apple con la proporción áurea? ¿Y con la distribución por sexos de las abejas? ¿Y con los violines hechos por Stradivarius?

Treinta datos que no sabías sobre phi, el número más bello. Noticias de Tecnología

vatican museums spiral staircase giuseppe momo The Top 25 Pictures of the Day for 2013

Paradox and Empyrean : Photo

The Dance of Venus. An accurate scientific drawing of Venus amazing pattern around the Earth Did you know that Venus, our closest planetary neighbour, draws a beautiful fivefold pattern around Earth? She does this every eight years.

spiral stairs

tales-of-the-night-whisperer: “ “ Vatican Museum Stairs Carlos Gotay Photography © ” It’s so pretty, I love it!

SPIRAL STAIRCASE IN SPAIN by Joao Paulo via gettyimages.com

View Stock Photo of Spiral Staircase In Spain. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.

I think this is the Embarcadero Center in SF.  This photo makes it look so much better!

Sooner or Later, Friend, You've Got to Fall -- San Francisco, CA Thomas Hawk