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He who delights in subduing evil thoughts, who meditates on the impurities and is ever mindful - it is he who will make an end of craving and rend asunder Mara's fetter.

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曹洞宗 Sōtōshū: Zen Monastic Robes

Buddhist monk in a traveling outfit; jikitotsu (=robe), kesa-bunko (=bag), and ajirogasa (=hat)

Japanese Buddhist monks - © Radu Razvan | Dreamstime.com

The Buddha's Robe: An Illustrated Guide

The Buddha's Robe: Kyoto, Japan Adapted From China. The Chinese practice of…

Monk for a Month!

Kambodscha Battambang und Tonle Sap/Buddhist monk in Battambang

The Lao way of life is strongly influenced by Theravada Buddhism, which emphasizes patience and acceptance

Lao life is influenced by Theravada Buddhism emphasizing patience and acceptance