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Doctor Who " New Earth" (2x01) - Ten and Rose #funny

Doctor Who " New Earth" - Ten and Rose Rose is like a cat and Doctor is like a dog in bath.

The look on Rose's face is priceless!

That was the first thing I thought upon seeing him in pajamas. Well, the first thing after bare feet. Well, the first thing after "Helloooo gorgeous!" Also, that Rose face though.


suddenly, doctor who feels. and time. Biro ii time'' amg space, k This isn' t ghost story. suddenly doctor who feels and time for leach o H? Biro ii time'' amg space k This isn' t ghost story

Whoever came up with this is brilliant.:

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

i can actually here ten

Captain Jack Harkness everybody! Me and my BFF always say STOP IT! like 10 in everyday conversations<< jack harkness will flirt with literally everybody and everything

Still live him and river tho

The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Together in the TARDIS. <--- yes, yes, but River and the Doctor forever!


Almost didn't pin because of misspelling but so true. I was putting up Christmas tree ornaments when my brother pulls out the angel one and sticks it on my face. I keep thinking.

Love this scene❤❤

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

the ninth doctor and rose tyler season 1 new series doctor who

" Insert smiley awkward face here. <-- Same ol' Doctor, 12 months with Rose, 12 years with Amy.

Agreed. I love their faces tho. Jack is mildly amused, the doctor is obviously pleased with himself, and Rose is like please kill me now.

Jack's just like "Are you freaking kidding me, Doctor?" but Rose is like, "They would be terrible last words.

no one can really top the doctor.and no one can top rose as a companion.even though nine and rose comes as a very very close second as my favorite pair up.


Did you know that this is real actual laughter? They are laughing because during the filming of the scene David scribbled on his face.