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Architecture: Space, this building moves your eye visually creating a feeling of uniqueness and creativity. It is very well designed with geometric lines and shapes causing it to use space in a visually appealing masterpiece environments artitecture

LMA exhibition and lecture Hall extension at the Latvian Academy of Art by SZK architects in Riga, Latvia antiguo contemporaneo

Blending two different styles and two of my favourite things; red brick and white concrete. (LMA exhibition and lecture Hall extension at the Latvian Academy of Art by SZK architects in Riga, Latvia)

Hemeroscopium House. Las Rozas-Madrid, Spain 2008.  Photograph by Roland Halbe.

Las Rozas-Madrid, Spain Photograph by Roland Halbe.

Nobody Beats The Drum - Natural Thing by johan rijpma. Musicvideo for the track 'Natural Thing' by 'Nobody Beats The Drum'

Nobody Beats the Drum - Natural Thing - Music Video of Cats Chasing Laser Pointers

Poor Leno by Röyksopp. Directed by Sam Arthur

Video by Röyksopp. Oldie, but a goodie!


Chris Clor / His imaginative, evocative style blends analogue and digital techniques to produce strikingly cinematic imagery with wit and a strong flair for storytelling.

Bentini Headquarters  Architects: Piuarch   Location: Faenza, Ravenna, Italia

Bentini Headquarters / Piuarch

Completed in 2011 in Italy. Images by Andrea Martiradonna. The new administrative and operational headquarters of Bentini Building & Engineering is in Faenza, set in a sparsely populated area where the.

a f a s i a: bevk perović arhitekti

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti have strayed from tradition in their design for House SB, a suburban home on the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia. What characterizes this modern house is its two.

Casa en la montaña y en el medio bosque

The project was recently highlighted at the Young Architect of the Year 2011 Exhibition at the Architecture Foundation. Similarly, the model was featured the.