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Teaching Social Studies can be dynamic and fun! But do your kids even know why they are taking a history class? Allow them to explore this essential question with primary sources, reading and spectrum activity.
ZIPACNA - the Mayan God of Mountains (Mayan mythology)
6 tecnologías emergentes en educación
As I move in to a role where I will be working with other colleagues on a more formal basis when it comes to e-learning, I have been reflecting upon different Apps. I was thinking about SAMR and which Apps can have transformative learning linked to them, if used properly. The list started growing...

27 Apps that have changed my Teaching and Learning Practice - Updated - RachelJones

Enseñanza inteligente (lo que el cerebro no puede ignorar) #infografia #infographic #education
The irrelevancy of checks and balances: Why you can’t count on Congress to rein in a President Trump - http://bambinoides.com/the-irrelevancy-of-checks-and-balances-why-you-cant-count-on-congress-to-rein-in-a-president-trump/
Profesor diciendo... Decoración de la pared con textura
El costo de vivir en otros paises en usa sola infografia
Para los institutos que trabajamos com google apps esta es una guía de como podemos enriquecer la experiencia de aprendizaje y enfocar el ABP/PBL utilizando sus herramientas.