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Photograph by -Gareth- Arguably the most iconic image to emerge from the multi-billion dollar Star Wars franchise, was that of the Stormtrooper. To this day, the Empire's elite soldiers continue to influence artwork, product design and fashion.

burtondurand:  An illustration I did of an Ood enjoying some R Gotta love Doctor Who.

When I finally have a chance to deck my kitchen out Psycho Suzi's style, it's going to include Tiki-Ood.

The Awesome Adventures of Surfing Stormtrooper!

{The Surfing Stormtrooper is taking a vacation from the Galactic Empire to surf around the world.

Doctor Who Pocket Pals. My famous Potter Pocket Pals turned Time Lords. $8.00

Items similar to Doctor Who - Pocket Dalek!

Doctor Who Pocket Pals My famous Potter Pocket by Clockworkdragons, $8.00

Items similar to Doctor Who - Pocket Dalek!

Uuuuhhh, awhhhh, yes the tribal version of a zealot.

The Art (and Random Adventures) of Eric Tan: Hula Alien

Tiki Star Wars - Vinyl Decal Set

Tiki Star Wars - Vinyl Decal Set

They may have cookies but we have tiki parties and alcohol. I have a bunch of new Star Wars boards just so everyone knows! Thanks for following! Heather S :)

Star Wars Tiki humor: They may have cookies but we have tiki parties and alcohol.

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Tiki God Gate leads to a Tropical Garden Split in half and make into bar doors

Star Wars Death Star, Star Trek USS Enterprise, a Fighter ship from Babylon Five, the Stargate over a Dr. Who sonic screwdriver, the S from Farscape, and Serenity from Firefly (thanks for the list to: Drew Nicholson https://plus.google.com/103612871313139094390)

SciFi Coexist Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon Stargate/Doctor Who, Farscape, and Firefly.In one picture

Star Wars Boba Fett Hawaiian Shirt

Boba Fett Hawaiian Shirt

Stop ....   cocktailtime ......

Stop .... cocktailtime ......


This tropical centerpiece fuses a recirculating water fountain, a realistic yet faux Ultra Fire LED fireplace, and a classic laughing or possibly screaming tiki face.

Star Wars Geeki Tikis  http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/irvt/?pfm=_2_irvt

Star Wars Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Yoda Geeki Tikis Drinkware Get them at Think Geek