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This isn't fair, they are still perfect even if they're not staying in perfect shape I mean who could with all the stuff they have to do, they are still our boys so matter what. And they're still wonder to me

Ahhhh Michael and Calum being super cute  eh luke is aight Michael Clifford 5sos Calum Hood 5sos

i bet poor mikey is like "idk cal i don't look like you." and little cal is telling mikey how pretty he is. what a kitten :)

I don't know whether I'd like to be Luke or Calum.

Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood - 5 Seconds of Summer<<< cake by the ocean

No totally DID NOT CRY when that picture showed up on my tumblr dash.... hehe *wipes away stray tear*

So so so beautiful Calum Hood I love him little tummy like I want to cuddle him forever x

Michael's lips are so red!

They literally all have bits and pieces that I can relate to!>> they will rule the world one day

Annoy 5SOS

Which 5SOS member is most likely to become your BFF

Annoy 5SOS

Imagine him wrapping u in a hug and u would just get lost in his chest and then u can't breathe but that's ok bc Luke is keeping u close to him and safe I'm killing myself ok bye

"You know why I'm mad? Ashton's really muscular and I'm not." SIT ON YOUR THRONE OF LIES LUKE>>hahahah<<< why does he lie so much? He says he isn't taller than the other boys. He says he isn't muscular. Another lie. What else does he lie about?

OMG LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!! XD poor Luke :(

im laughing so hard rn you can actually see the hurt in luke's face and calum has no idea<<Oh my gosh poor Luke but it is funny

I love how they all act like they absolutely hate everything about the band/each other, when everyone knows it's the exact opposite xD

punkrock on