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Clarín HD - Nacen pandas gemelos en Macao. El panda gigante Xinxin y sus primer cachorros recién nacidos permanecen en Macao, en el sur de China. Las autoridades de asuntos civiles de la Región Administrativa Especial de Macao de China anunciaron esta noche que por la tarde su panda “Xinxin” dio a luz a gemelos, la primera vez que nacen pandas en la región. “Xinxin” dio a luz al primer osezno a las 15:45 hora local, y al segundo a las 16:27 horas. Tuvieron un peso, respectivamente, de apenas…

Twins That'll be pandamonium! China celebrates new-born cubs after Xinxin gives birth - Daily Mail

Panda Bear and newborn baby :)  Not fair! Why are our babies so big?!?

Panda cubs were snapped in action at the Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China. This mother panda carried its new baby in its mouth. Photo credit: Katherine Feng / Solent News

PEOPLE-PLACES-THINGS-ETC — wolverxne: Giant Panda - by: Cyril Russo

Giant Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) Endangered, of a Young Panda in a Tree Photographic Print

This undated handout photograph released by the Taipei City Zoo on September shows giant panda Yuan Yuan holding her baby panda, Yuan Zai. ~ Photo by Taipei City Zoo/AFP/Getty Images.

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Baby panda

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Sliding Panda Bear I wish those could actually be pets! I want one sooo bad!