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I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! SO CUTE! #Hunterxhunter #Gon #Killua #Ging #Alluka

Ai có thể kể hết các nhân vật ở đây nào?

Killua Zoldyck: because all 12 year olds should have abs like him~ is it bad that I have a mad crush on him

Killua Zoldyck - Hunter X Hunter 2011 ahh that made my day!

(from HxH) this boy never been on a date....well neither has I , and I don't feel like going anywhere any way

well neither have I , and I don't feel like going anywhere any way.I'm with the people (anime characters) I love most the time (apart from at school!

HUNTER x HUNTER- Gon e Killua

HUNTER x HUNTER- Gon and Killua <<< They're relationship throughout the series was very cute and sweet.

Hunter x Hunter x Pusheen

"Will steal your heart, literally." Ah that's my Killua Gon Killua Kurapika (he's not mad ;) Leoreo<<<theyre adorable!

I love how nonchalantly Killua says this and Gon is kind of like ok, whatever. You cant blame Killua for running away, though. His family is really messed up

gon x killua comic ~<3

Translation plzzz It looks like confession kiss, and suddenly Gon is all like competitive: Who can kiss harder! And then Killua laughs and says he loves him?