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Cartographic Birds and Plants | Artist: Claire Brewster - http://clairebrewster.co.uk/

Cartographic Birds and Plants by Claire Brewster paper maps birds


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MAGGIE CASEY: copper tacks, wood, Casey creates informed by her education in She refers to these structures as 'hanging . I love the landscape like quality of the silk organza.

through the purple maze to the hidden earth beyond... Olafur Eliassion's Psychadelic Prisms and Dream Art Installations. Trends in Global Design, Art and Marketing: Olafur Eliassion's Psychadelic Prisms and Dream Ar... http://www.cindrea.nl/2015_02_01_archive.html?spref=tw#5537799340390306664

Olafur Eliasson, One-way colour tunnel, Collection of the Art Supporting Foundation to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Ian Reeves Photography, Courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Try this with gnarly interesting wood and a dark stain

Wall art made of used toilet paper rolls is cool but the one made from wood strips or from wood logs is better. DIY wall art from wood logs is super simple

Silversmith Shop  Is that a steel bench?! Sure beats a 3" bench block.

Silversmith Shop Is that a steel bench? Sure beats a bench block.

Versailles’ Centre d’Art Contemporain by Tadashi Kawamata

Kawamata's work transcends the art context and extends to fields such as architecture and city planning, history, sociology, everyday communication, and even

Concrete Architectural Sculptures – Fubiz Media

Concrete Architectural Sculptures

Las ciudades miniatura son un reflejo de la vida y las imaginarias son el lugar de la experiencia simbólica, así: idea y construcción comparten el vínculo con el arte.

Paisajes de ciudades miniatura

Wood-carved cityscapes become incredible sculptures in this series by Philadelphia-based designer and craftsman James McNabb.