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bam! hexagon AO hotend 300c no problem  #3dprinting #reprap #drone #uav #toronto #design #cad #gopro #pic #style #guything by slavko_katta

hexagon AO hotend no problem by slavko_katta

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I need a 3D printer Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

Want a Flying Drone? These Students 3D-Printed Their Own

Sheffler's class built a scale, jet engine replica that was able to spin at RPM.

What Could a True #Ceramic #3DPrinter Actually Do? — #3DPrinting

What Could a True Ceramic 3D Printer Actually Do?

Yesterday I wrote about Olivier van Herpt’s amazing ceramic printer, but I’ve been wondering what the implications of such a machine could be.

Giger v4 Custom Humanoid Robot - Google Search

New Cool Transformation tanks Toys Action Figures armored Car Robot Plastic ABS Movie Anime Classic Toy Boy Gifts juguetes child

Picture of Step 1: X, Y and Z axes

EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter

This project describes the design of a very low budget Printer that is mainly built out of recycled electronic components. The result is a small format printer.

Micro robot arduino muy fácil de montar #arduino #robotica #robotics by evoldig

PaulMakesThings has a pretty cool instructable on how to build a tiny Arduino Nano based robot. This robot uses two modified servo.

Make it LEO: Tessa's Weekly Picks - household items and 3D Printing

Curated 3D Printed Designs - Top 3 Weekly Pick Topics