PIT IN (plywood) / Storemuu Nominated for Design Report Award 2009 in Milano Salone Satellite

(bicycle bar table)

Bicycle Bar Table by Dog Tag designs. This is permanent but it should be possible with the right slots to make a bicycle storage table.

One of the challenges of riding a bike in a city doesn’t happen on the streets, but in your home. Finding a proper place to store your bicycle is an issue for those who lack the adequate square footage. In a studio apartment that only fits a bed, desk, and bookshelf, the bike quickly becomes an obstacle. While wall mounts are a solution for some, Chilean designer Manuel Rossel has come up with another answer to this problem: furniture that doubles as a bicycle rack. Rossel has created…

Clever Furniture Designed to Double as Bike Rack to Save Space in Small Apartments

5 idee e accessori per un pic-nic in bicicletta

5 idee e accessori per un pic-nic in bicicletta

Læs blogindlægget verden som arbejdsplads - globenomade tanker på linket

Full Time RV Road Warriors: Pedal Powered Trike Camper and Bicycle Camper

useful & cool

by BYografia. Bookbike is a handsome bookshelf/bike storage combo that will make many city dwellers quite happy.

Creative Bike Storage | A variety of ways to store bikes both indoors and out

Creative DIY Bike Storage Racks

Whether you need to find space in a small apartment, or you have to fit your family bikes in an already crowded garage, we have creative DIY bike storage racks & projects as a solution.

A line of furniture from Chile does double duty as storage pieces for your home, and a display for your fixed gear.

Bike Storage That's Actually Gorgeous Furniture

This Furniture Doubles As Beautiful Bike Storage For Tiny Apartments. By Manuel Rossel.

Aprende cmo guardar la bicicleta en casa

Aprende cómo guardar la bicicleta en casa

A stand that almost disappears...

Vanmoof Ghost Bicycle Stand - Cyclists often have a pride about their bikes as their beloved affordable and reliable rides. The Vanmoof Ghost Bicycle Stand treats your two-wheel.