Paris in winter » Let's go! I always say that if anyone ever gets me a trip as a gift I will love them forever!

Paris in winter. We have spend many Christmas vacations in France. One time my parents were with us. We left them at the airport outside of Paris and headed back to Spain. It looked like photo, it makes me smile!

Palace of Versailles | France

New Palace, Potsdam, Germany. Got to tour this Castle when I was in Germany last summer. Oh how I long to go

paris, light, and france Bild

By David Briard ~ Paris (blue hour) >>> The kind of Parisian apartment I'd love to live in - just for six months?

Robe De Jour Prints by L. Morales at

Robe De Jour


A great idea for a girls bedroom or accent wall - Anthropologie wall paper or York's pattern #

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The fact that there is this kind of hate and violence in the world shakes me to my core and breaks my heart. by my_flower_child