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brown with white polka dots, image by john johnson on butterflypictures.net

Tips on sprucing up your butterfly garden to attract more butterfly friends. Adding decor and early clean-up.

Pedestal by *erezmarom on deviantART

Photo of one of our waxy monkey frogs sleeping under his basking lamp

Möschler's Bent-Skipper (Cycloglypha enega). This species is found from Nicaragua to Bolivia and southern Brazil.

The majority of people just like to take photos of colorful butterflies or very large ones and that is very understandable, because they att.

güzel kelebek resimleri - Google'da Ara

Free Butterflies wallpaper and other Animal desktop backgrounds- Page 5 . Get free computer wallpapers of Butterflies.

Libélula fucsia!! pic.twitter.com/dNpHDNdeRK

Male Crimson Dropwing Dragonfly - And who said pink and red didnt go together.

The largest butterfly in the world is called the Queen Alexandra's Bird Wing and can grow up to a foot in wing span

The largest butterfly in the world is called the Queen Alexandra's Bird Wing and can grow up to a foot in wing span - I hope Heaven is filled with these creatures - butterflies too beautiful to imagine - just for you!

This gorgeous creature is Chrysolina cerealis, also known as the rainbow leaf beetle. They're found throughout Eurasia, and are about 8mm long. Typically, the females are larger than the males.  I fucking love science

You don’t usually hear about insects being endangered since they’re typically found in huge numbers. However, the Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina cerealis) is an extremely rare species of bug that is only found in a few small populations.

This incredible Jewel Caterpillar looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.  I can assure you, it is a real creature.

You Won't Believe This See-Through Clear Caterpillar Isn't CG

This awesome creature (yes, this really is a living thing, not a piece of candy or glass) is a Jewel Caterpillar (Acraga coa) spotted by naturalist and photographer Gerardo Aizpuru near Cancun, Mexico.