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Arantzazu Martinez - The fallen angel,   45” x 29” / 114 x 73 cm. Oil on linen.

Arantzazu Martinez The fallen angel/El ángel caído x / 114 x 73 cm. Oil on linen

Angels have no beginning and no end. They exist in this moment, and not in memories, or projections. To find angels, we must look into the core of our Being. ✨ - Karen Goldman, "Angel Voices" ✨

The Fall of Icarus. Icarus flies so close to the sun, the heat melted his wings made of wax and falls flat.

Spanish painter Arantzazu Martínez  (b. Vitoria 1966) 'Dracula' and details. Oil on canvas Neo romanticism

“ Arantzazu Martinez Dracula x 162 x 97 cm. Oil on linen. John Butler private collection An academic painter from Vitoria, Spain. She attended the Fine Arts University of.

Found it at Wayfair - Resting Grace Sitting Angel Statue

Resting Grace Sitting Angel Statue

Икона Архангела Михаила, Архистратиг Божий Михаил

Икона Архангела Михаила, Архистратиг Божий Михаил

Angel by Sergey Solomko -- Сергей Сергеевич Соломко – талантливый русский художник, воспевший Русь, график, акварелист.

Every culture depicts their angels a bit differently. Angel by Sergey Solomko -- appears to be guardian of the Navy Ship.

LOS ANGELES protejan a la Tía Alicia, en su cama de enferma.

In the arms of the angel. Finally, a male angel. Angel holding a girl in his arms in a loving protecting embrace.

The Angel Gabriel's announcement to the young virgin Mary, who accepts the will of God for her life.

W.A.-Bouguereau-Il-Canto-degli-Angeli.jpg (900×1315)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau - French painter of the Empire. Historical, mythological, biblical and allegorical subjects,


Essay - Tony Kushner’s Angel Archive and the Re-visioning of American History

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Icarus, Alois Kolb, Jugend magazine, 1901.

art of the beautiful-grotesque: Jugend : Various Artists. This is Icarus, falling after he got too close to the sun. His wings melted apart.