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Hi, my name is Alfred Basha - lover of bright contrasts where no-one stoke is similar to the previous nor to the next. I mainly draw with black-inked pen and at

Wolf lady.

Inspiring picture girl, howl, spirit animal, the white deer, wolf. Find the picture to your taste!

Perfect and Cute

Fox Illustration Digital Print by Lyndsey Green Reminds me of the fox from the Chronicles of Narnia.


With tiny, precise pen strokes and careful cross-hatching, Italian artist Alfred Basha captures the complexity of natural life. His drawings interweave ani

sweet dreams

Sleep - person sleeping amongst squiggly lines, some attached to products/services that help sleep


one of thes might just be the inspiration to my next tattoo. will have two at the same time after I give birth, one will be on my nape, and one to (an owl) to cover the old tattoo I have on my lower back :) art,Doodles,

another one from my moleskine.. I love autumn leaves and wind blowing. ___________________ Follow me on Facebook |

The next sketches from my moleskine. I was inspired by the Japanese/pretty girl theme I first did. so tried another one, and I think, once I get a proper work area set up, I'd like to paint someth.

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Noel Badges Pugh creates scientific illustrations as well as artwork with a more psychedelic perspective.

nature drawings

Beautiful drawings by Alfred Basha. They look a little similar to my illustrations actually - very similar concept too (mixing the two forms of nature - flora and fauna).

Original Pencil Drawing · JDarnell · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Gorgeous original pencil drawing by JDarnell. I would love to have dolls styled like her drawings!

ριntєrєѕt: @itsalexxa1☽*•

These wonderful black pen illustrations has been made by Alfred Basha who draw these sketches with black ink pen.