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Cómo eliminar pulgas y garrapatas naturalmente

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Enchanted Nature / Majestic White Lion

Who remembers this cartoon - Kimba the white lion? He's the friendliest lion around. Oh Kimba the white lion.

bem isso

Always be compassionate and always be kind. You never know what kind of pain someone may be enduring.This is so true

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om-nom-nom-my-tail-is-tasty - Heh, and I thought housecat hairballs are a nasty pain. Imagine what a snow leopard must hork up!


Cat and Kitten chilling in the sink! Reminds me of Tia always hanging out in the bathroom sink.

luuuuuuuuuuuuuv. liiiiiike thiiiiiis

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Sleep-tight-cuddling-friends-kitten-puppy-sleeping Photo: This Photo was uploaded by LoveDaJazzy. Find other Sleep-tight-cuddling-friends-kitten-puppy-s.

dog and cat

cat and Golden Retriever. one day i will have another golden retriever.

Welcome To Monday

'Have you eaten my Dinner again!' - Funny Dog caught Kitten in the act