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I guess gannondork was close to the top so that you could guess that it would say "DIE" but naw it's totally true

This kind of goes with the whole "burdened by glorious purpose" thoughts we sometimes(okay, all the time!

commentary on global warming? A+

Illustrations by US based arist Wenqing Yan. Wenqing is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. She specializes in digital art but also enjoy traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.

8 lessons video games taught me

Donald Trump would deport this joke

Video games have taught us. I could be wrong but that last one looks like it would be Simon Belmont, which would make that a whip not a scarf>>>> that's the game journey not what you speak of so It is really a scarf

Steve Cutts

The Sad Truth About Today's Society Illustrated by Steve Cutts


química Frases español amor vida ✿ ✿ Share it with people who are serious about learning Spanish!


EGO VS ECO I prefer the Paradise to the right. The overwhelming obstacles that bar us from that Earth are insurmountable on our own. We Need the Creator.

PAGE Online - Die 10 besten Werbeillustrationen

Die 10 besten Werbeillustrationen

Vestidos a la moda

Hipster Adventure Time Characters<<< Is it weird that I ship Fionna with Finn? Cause honestly, I ship Princess Bubblegum with Marshall Lee. Same goes for Prince Gumball and Marceline.

ilustraciones calentamiento global 22

25 ilustraciones que demuestran que el mundo se está yendo al carajo

Draw picture save environment essay Save Draw environment picture essay Transition words and phrases for argumentative essay yahoo answers.

Lee BIRTHDAYS de la historia The Big Book of Hamilton Memes por Gabocaraptor con 3,217 lecturas. alexander, lin-manuel...

The Big Book of Hamilton Memes - BIRTHDAYS

Lee BIRTHDAYS de la historia The Big Book of Hamilton Memes por Gabocaraptor con lecturas.