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Class discussions about suicide irk me when people say that suicide isn't honorable or is selfish :(

it should say Teacher: *Slow laps*

HA Ha ha.......I know.

This is so true . Especially Black Veil Brides saves people i love you guys more then i could ever scream or cry 》》this is so true except my closest friends understand me

Being with someone who has anxiety

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I want to do this. It's called the bracelet project. Mine would be more then one color for sure

Self harm, suicidal, depression, anorexia. recovering from anxiety & self harm. still struggling.

There is no shame in mental illness

Not a mental disorder though. There is a difference between believers and non believers.

This a huge disappointment #preventbulling

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I'm against bullying. I will repost but I don't like it when it goes "I bet half of you won't repost" and that.

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Quotes from the one and only, Gerard Way he helped me through so much, i owe my life to him.

You matter. You are so important to us. #StayStrong #Free2BeYOU ❤ #Free2Luv


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Gerard Way quote.  Wow, I've never seen this before. I am amazed. This is every inspirational. Some of my fave quotes are his. He's so awesome! ^.^

Gerard Way quote. I am amazed. Some of my fave quotes are his. This is a quote I will accually use. Thank you, Gerard.

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My Chemical Romance ~ KillJoy for life

<b>"Drunk me is the me I really want to be.</b> Confident, hilarious, and, most importantly, drunk."

21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Alcohol

Confident, hilarious, and, most importantly, drunk.

I've done all. Well not attempt to jump but I have attempted hanging myself.

I love each and every one of you. I don't care if you've done these things because I have too. You can always talk to me because I understand.