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A large, still book is a piece of quietness, succulent and nourishing in a noisy world, which I approach and imbibe with "a sort of greedy enjoyment," as Marcel Proust said of those rooms of his old home whose air was "saturated with the bouquet of silence." ― Holbrook Jackson

I'm taking time to just read a book and think. I'm hoping I can just sleep until dinner time then go on a walk around the park. Read a book, think then sleep. Sounds good to me.

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Making time for downtime can be as simple of writing in a journal outdoors with a steaming cup of tea.

Luxurious Café | Keep The Glamour ♡ ✤ LadyLuxury ✤

Sitting in a little cafe in the city, sipping coffee, reading a book and watching the world whiz by along with the smell of java beans wafting through the air.

awww they whom read together stay together - i look forward to the day i can read together with my husband , we will read the same book few chapters a night and then discuss it . i will most likely be the slower reader :)

Me: "We were obsessed with books." C: "Oh, I read the entire Harry Potter series in a month." J: "I read the entire book in a day." Me: "Like I said. Obsessed with books.


DIY Cupcake Holders

Pyotr teaches her to read-- slowly, grasping at words and phrases, she stumbles over literature as if she were a child.

rosy dreams — “To reminisce is to care and I frankly just don’t...

rosy dreams — “To reminisce is to care and I frankly just don’t...


Why Winter Is The Best Season For Reading

Love these things about Winter: a warm fire, wool socks, a glass of mulled cider or wine and reading a good book. Add to all that a cat on your lap and a dog asleep in front of the fire and you have the definition of happiness.

Nos dias frios o que há de melhor para se fazer. Amo ler!

In a Field of Books unathingada: “ “A book is like a key that fits into the tumbler of the soul. The two parts have to match in order for each to unlock. Then—click—a world opens.