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anniversary - modern Doctor Who parallels and references Actually the redecorated thing is going back to the second doctor's reaction when he first saw the third doctor's TARDIS in the Three Doctors

Like Mother Like Daughter!

Like mother like daughter. Melody Pond aka River Song is so like her mother Amy Pond. I think there's a little dad ( Rory Williams) in her too.

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST ACCURATE THINGS EVER. Doctor Who Hahah i actually almost threw up when Martha was kissed! I was like "NO. Only Rose."

this is one of the most accurate things ever - I related more than ever to vomiting when The Doctor kisses Martha.

Kyle and I have been wondering how this happened, pinning so I remember to tell him.

The truth to the Face of Boe! Why he's only a face, anyways. If anyone argues with me again (yes, it has happened before) that Jack couldn't possibly be the Face of Boe, I will just show them this!

Doctor Who - Deep Breath. "Please just see me" *sobs forever*

This was my favorite moment in the entire episode. He's really, really hurt. It's so sad

Doctor Who and HP MAKES MY LIFE!!!! But where to put you? (if you said that in your head like the sorting hat you are one epic person ;) )

People who were in both Dr. Who and Harry Potter // KYAAAA! I did NOT know that Madame Hooch played Cassandra!

i think his actual first words were more along the lines of, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, cause he was in the tardis and could not control it

First And Last Words

sure just tear out my heart and stomp on it. :'( I will miss you raggedy man.

Timeline of River Song

Timeline of River Song - has it's flaws, I think a good chunk of River's life was put out of order. Plus, she found out who Amy was LONG before she was River Song.

Oh Doctor!

So, there’s been a reference to each Doctor’s era in chronological order since The Rings of Akhaten. Perks of watching classic who!

*шутка про британскую коммуналку*

I love how having a small role on Doctor Who doesn't prevent you from getting a larger one later. Oh and don't forget, that Roman father guy in that Pompeii episode what was his name was played by Peter Capaldi, later to become the Twelfth Doctor

Ten. Day of the Doctor. It was great to have him back. I cried buckets when he left and they some how made up for the pain they caused me, having him leave the way he did.

Ten in Day of the Doctor! Bout made me bawl my eyes out! 9 will always be my first doctor, and 11 is good, but 10 - 10 is MY doctor!

Basically run

Basically Run Doctor Who-I'm going to keep this as part of my inspiration to start/keep running. The Doctor requires a lot of running and if I'm not capable might not want me as a companion.


Understanding that Weeping Angels remain statues if a person sees them. Why didn't the Doctor, or River, watch the Angel until Amy returned to the TARDIS?


River and her Doctor. Doctor Who. She reaches out to straighten his bow tie and it's not there. It's The Doctor but not Her Doctor. (The amazing thing is, I don't know if they had even planned for Eleven to have a bow tie yet.

The Doctor was working in a toy store. the Doctor did work in a toy store. When he visited Craig the second time.