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My very first quilt. I made from a friend's old Army uniforms. I love it!

I made from a friends old Army uniforms. quilting-sewing-awesomeness i want someone to make this for me out of my old uniforms;

Hannah Cosplay (Hufflepuff Uniform) from Harry Potter - DO WANT. In Slytherin

Hannah Cosplay (Hufflepuff Uniform) from Harry Potter - DO WANT. In Slytherin, and Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw.

Wore this in high school..........no pants allowed.It sure beat uniforms I use to have to wear.

Mod - Lime / I had outfits just like this.in lime too. I even had lime nylons. I had a mini skirt in these colours and a dress in this style but with orange, pink , lime and white. Mum made the dress for me.

Brownie Uniform....I was so proud of this in the 60's.  Wore it to school on meeting day, minus the gloves...those were worn only for special occasions like Girl Scout Sunday church service and ceremonies. I still have mine.

Girl Scout - Brownies I had this exact uniform. i have wonderful brownie and junior girl scout memories for myself and my girls.

Korean girl's school uniform. I would like that as a uniform, its has a simple stylishness. #souzalove #shorthair #souza-love

20 Maneras de quitarle lo aburrido a tu uniforme escolar

Korean skool girl ,she,s a speed reeder , I promissd her evrey book evir printed in thuh USA since 1929 .

Being in Brownies. Same uniform I wore. Loved when it was meeting days we could wear our uniforms to school. =)

Brownie uniform, I wore a uniform exactly like this when I was in Brownies! I hated the orange tie. I wished it could be sky blue. I think I even had shoes just like these. Such good memories; I love being a Brownie.

Ashton Irwin in a school uniform, someone tell him to stop stabbing me in the freaking heart.... < ohmygosh same feeling<<< looks like a hogworts uniform...<<<< are you serious -_-

Aww he looks so cute in his little school boy uniform- K>>> I shamelessly have more pictures of schoolboy than I have of myself on my phone XD>>>>ugh so hot

So true. I was here four and a half years before the uniform, I'll be here forever after. True love conquers all.

we MET in uniform. i love you so much my soldier, my hero. the man our boys look up to. the man i salute and will stand behind anyday. do your duty babe.i love you .


If Hogwarts' dress code was a little more lenient.requiring the gray skirt, white shirt, House robes & tie, but allowing you to do anything else with it. I would wear the Slytherin uniform anywhere!

Don't throw those old uniforms away!! Get your very own custom military wreath made out of your hubby's old uniforms! **I do not provide uniforms! If you do not have an old uniform, I can do my best to "duplicate" the colors!** Since I am a military spouse and I appreciate ALL branches and their ...

Don't throw those old uniforms away! Get your very own custom military wreath made out of your hubby's old uniforms!

brownies uniform  :o)..loved the cap..got to wear the uniform to school on meeting days

brownies uniform :o).loved the cap.got to wear the uniform to school on meeting days. Ingie Editorial-Loved Brownies, hated the uniform. Girl Scout Green was much cooler, with the sash.