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Baron de Rede

Baron de Rede


Arturo Lopez-Willshaw, his wife and first cousin, Patricia, along with his companion Baron Alexis de Rede (back left) arriving at Le Bal Oriental, given by Charles de Beistegui in Venice on 3 September

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Georges Geffroy and Baron Alexis de Rede -- Whenever wealthy 'hob-knobs' get together and dress like this, 'tis truly scary! (Especially, when they add masks.

Charlie de Beistegui's 1951 costume ball at the Labia Palace in Venice

Discarded costume sharing a bench with weary and sholess Spanish Marques and Marguesa de Marianao. Location: Venice, Italy Date taken: September 1951 Photographer: Cornell Capa © Time Inc.

The Baron de Redé in the middle at the Oriental ball in 1969.[1] Photo by Patrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield.

The Baron de Redé in the middle at the Oriental ball in Photo by Patrick Anson, Earl of Lichfield.

Boris Lipnitzki- Jean Marais at a ball at the home of le comte Etienne de Beaumont, 1939

Boris Lipnitzki- Jean Marais lors d’un bal chez le comte Etienne de Beaumont, 1939

Carlos de Beistegui

Carlos (Charles) de Beistegui at his costume ball at the Palazzo Labia, "No mere party giver, he was the producer of brilliant social events, works of art with themes, and he had the money to carry them out to the last expensive detail.

Bal oriental Baron de Rédé 1969 Hotel Lambert.

{Le Bal du Siècle} Baron Alexis de Redé (In the retinue of Arturo Lopez-Willshaw as Emperor of China)