Coco cola fue inventada en los Estados Unidos. El bebido se ha convertido en un icono de nuestra cultura.

I am "brand loyal" to coke! I very seldom drink Pepsi and believe it is worse than coke when in reality Pepsi doesn't taste super different.that's what brand loyalty does to you!


Hand Coloured Coca Cola Bottles - Available in orange, green, turquoise, purple, red and yellow


Ever wonder what that vintage Coca-Cola tray you own is worth? Here are selling prices for just a few of the items offered at a convention auction in

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Coke bottle from my high school graduation year!

Some newer bottles have not lent themselves to the contour shape, such as these two-liter bottles, which are packed six to a crate.

Old Coke Bottles (Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design – Smashing Magazine)

Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design

Retro vintage Coke a Cola. Love the bottle shape and notice the blade cuts on the green borders to give it a distressed block press look.

Coca-Cola Retro Art

Drink a bottle of Coca-Cola and be lucky - Rare 1916 Coca-Cola cardboard advertising sign with swastika motif

Vintage Coca Cola syrup--for upset stomachs, no carbonation

Coca Cola Pharmacy Amber Bottle COCAINE REMOVED Found in Old Florida Pharmacy - My mom would send me to the candy store, (soda fountain), to buy coke syrup to settle my little sister's stomach.