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Harry Potter

sirlestrange: Harry Potter - The boy who lived and brought peace to the wizarding world.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions!  It's all fun until you get to number 19... Then you'll spend ten solid minutes arguing with yourself.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book by J. Rowling: Harry never knew who he was, until one day he got a letter telling him that he was a wizard. First book to an awesome series that lets you see how Harry grows into his role as a powerful wizard.

Rationality Ravenclaw Library.  I found myself knee-deep in my books recreating what a rationalist from each Hogwart's house would have on his or her shelf. I tried to match the mood as well as the content. Here they are in the appropriate proportions for a Facebook cover image so that you can display your pride both in rationality and in your chosen house

What Would a Rational Gryffindor Read? -- Books on Rationality for each Hogwarts House.

Oh my gosh.  No way.

Harry Potter Mind Blown

Daniel Radcliffe

Wallpaper and background photos of Harry & Hermione for fans of Harry, Ron and Hermione images.

I would totally cook in this geeked out apron

Handmade Harry Potter Gryffindor Apron - Bakingdom -- I want one of these for Hufflepuff! im make a doctor who one!

Stylish posters with Harry Potter quotes (pictures)

Stylish posters with Harry Potter quotes (pictures)