Thank you J.K. Rowling for the excuse to eat chocolate! :)

When you’re sad just remember that it is the dementors fault and it’s perfectly fine to eat loads of chocolate.

Maître de la mort

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hpotter facts #164

Harry Potter Facts : James Phelps (Fred Weasley) said Fred's death scene was like an "old friend" dying.

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Did JK come up with all these first or did rabid fans sit down and go through the names? Because, if JK did all this first, she's amazingly clever.

the biggest (and possibly saddest) truth geeky

Ha ha, I mean this is true, but that's because there are a lot more pages and details to american history than hp. I've read all of hp, it would be very difficult to read all of american history. Plus I'm not a fan of history

Proud potterhead

Harry Potter will never truly be gone as long as there are those who remain loyal. I will remain loyal forever.

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This post that absolutely happened once the wizarding world embraced the Internet.

19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make Your Day

Or forwarding emails about dark books to Eve: want these books on necromancy. It's fun and free.

The Selection and Harry Potter crossover

American at Hogwarts >>> I'm Canadian. Watch me have a beaver as my Patronus. Although mine would be a squirrel or a beaver.