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Funny pictures about Scholastic book fair. Oh, and cool pics about Scholastic book fair. Also, Scholastic book fair.

The Big Comfy Couch. Used to watch this every morning on Nick jr.

The big comfy couch! A huge part of my childhood with Luna and Molly a clown and her dolly on the big comfy couch!

My childhood summed up in one pin. Yes, being born in 1986 gave me the privilege of being a nickelodeon 90's kid. RIP Nickelodeon :(

Things that kids realize. Seriously so true, this is my childhood. OMG I remember every one of these

i think me and les tried to buy all the bottles of country apple they had in the store lol

21 Smells '90s Girls Will Never Forget

strechy shirts

Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion Trends

371 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off. Except for the doll. Never liked dolls, stuffed animals only.

375 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off


If you remember…

21 Things Today's Kids Will Never Know

kids know all about this. I'm a 00 kid and I know all about this XD

I Don't Remember The Disney Thing, But I Remember Every Thing Else

Does anyone else remember Zoog Disney? better than the crap that's on Disney now!

Stick-On Earrings Just bought my kids some ( newer) one from eBay!

Stick on earrings. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 8 or 9 when I could just wear these stickers on my lobes for 4 minutes

A true account of going through UCLAs famed Daniel Freeman Paramedic Programand practicing emergency medicine on the streets of Los Angeles. Nine months of tying tourniquets and pushing new medication

Kevin Grange takes readers into the highs and lows of his paramedic education at the UCLA paramedic program and ride time with the LAFD

I remember every single one of these things!

I'm a kid for sure. Pokemon cards, school book orders, see through phones .

Susan Joy Clark: I Remember: A Blog Post That Really Dates Me

Elementary Gym class was the best. I still remember getting my fingers rolled over by that scooter board and running over my hair yeah that sucked but it was still fun

Puddles of water.

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? Never liked the puddles under the playground swings at school