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Seagull perspective.......l

Seagull perspective.......l | I didn't know it was impossible.. and I did it :-) - No sabia que era imposible.. y lo hice :-)

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一瞬の夏: イギリス 2011年6~7月

Energía Desatada: Some Where Over The Rainbow! vía @CERTIZA - Certificación Energética de edificios

Prisms of light create rainbows on ocean waves. Rainbows in the waves are so cool to see!

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull “I am ready,” he said at last. And Jonathan Livingston Seagull rose with the two star-bright gulls to disappear into a perfect dark sky.

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It's taken me several early mornings to develope this lighting technique. Using high powered underwater strobes place beneath the blue bottles I hit them with a burst of light, the crystal clear deep water reflects no light but the bluebottles pop with that amazing electric cyan blue colour! And framed againt the the silhouette backdrop of the bay and the orange glow from the sun I think they look quite amazing wouldn't you agree?  Well done mother nature you did it again!

Photo and caption by Matthew Smith Despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle cnidaria is an amazingly beautiful creature. I wanted to demonstrate this with careful lighting and.