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Dombeya wallichii is a flowering shrub of the family Malvaceae known by the common names pinkball, pink ball tree, and tropical hydrangea. Its native range includes India, East Africa, and Madagascar.

Dombeya Wallichii - Dombeya wallichii is a flowering shrub of the genus Dombeya, sometimes called the Pink-ball. Native to Madagascar. The flowers are fragrant, smelling like coconut. Wow, would these even grow in NorCal?

Flower Blue Water Lily

My favorite flower, a night blooming Electric Blue Water Lily, they smell amazing too :)


Bromeliad - come in so many colours. Their cupped leaves, when filled with water can become a little home for tiny frogs.

DK Designs

Pinner sez: White hibiscus - if I can find little pearls this is going to be the perfect present for my grandma!

Plum Flower

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