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Abstract art by Osnat Tzadok

Landscape Colorful Blooming Trees Painting Textured With Palette Knife Original Abstract Modern Acrylic by Osnat - MADE-TO-ORDER -

Love the staggered look, not to mention the color.  Via QiQiGallery on Etsy.

Turquoise blue Abstract seascape painting Large wall art painting on canvas wall decor office decor "Silence" by QIQIGALLERY

Large Birds art Rainbow color art Acrylic landscape painting large wall art Wall decor canvas art "Beautiful Day" by QIQIGALLERY

❝ Your brain has 1 quadrillion synapses, that is equal to the number of stars in our galaxy…Each human being is a galaxy to themselves, with just as many potentials. ❞ - Conrad Fischer

The human brain has 1 quadrillion synapses, equal to the stars in the sky, perhaps the self aware conscious being is a universe of their own, which would make the combined consciousness of humankind an infinity in itself.

Michał Mozolewski-Poland: Tumblr

Each melancholic photo will make a different impression each time. Artist Michal Mozolewski uses a combination of photography and digital illustration

Trilogy - Graceful Splendor https://www.amazon.com/Painting-Educational-Learning-Children-Toddlers/dp/B075C1MC5T

"Graceful Splendor" is a fine art edition by artist Henry Asencio is featured here at Marcus Ashley Gallery

by Luis Tamani Amasifuen. He is a shaman and visionary painter who documents his encounters with the plant teacher, Mother Ayahuasca

"You find Peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your Life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level" ~Eckhart Tolle Artwork by Luis Tamani Amasifuen.