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sketch book or journal cover - could evolve the first square to a final circle.

Emma- Jane Austen by white books. my least favorite Jane Austen Novel, but it's just so pretty

White’s Books

White's Books commissions different illustrators to create unique cloth-bond book covers.

Blue | Blau | Bleu | Azul | Blå | Azul | 蓝色 | Indigo | Cobalt | Sapphire | Navy | Color | Form |

Possibly for master bath or basement bar for Owen's nautical theme. Starry Sky mosaics from Pratt & Larson

Audrey, 10/1: This is a potato print, which I think is really neat! I love the color combination--since the red and blue are slightly altered (it seems like the red has a tint of orange, and the blue is lightened) it keeps the primary color combo from looking juvenile.

Loving patterns in shades of red, white & blue lately.this one is from Patterns Without Pain, Allen Seaby, 1948

Tom Davie | Type 2012

"A famous century novel re-designed with custom lettering and flourishes" by Tom Davie cc Paul

Love the line work for this one

Love the line work for this one


Cuben series by Simon Page A whole lot of wallpaper designs. Pretty much any of these would be super rad as a quilt. I might have to do one of these as a quilt!