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Funny Animals - 64 Pictures

Very interesting post: Funny Animals - 64 Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Animals.


Pelican Portrait by Dave Mills

Creation-Vögel - bunte & Flashy | Schöne Sammlung

Cattle Egret / Bubulcus ibis / Garcita bueyera / La Pintada, Antioquia, Colombia by Felix Uribe {felixú}

Я не знаю, что они обсуждают, но я знаю, кто тут главный.

Funny Tuesday Hogwash – More or less two weeks to go before most of us kickstart our end of the year celebrations (and what a year this was for sure.


66 Funny Pictures You Will Absolutely Love

Corgi mixes keep their Corgi shapes but trade looks with the other breeds: Golden Retriever, Husky, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, etc.

bohemiadesign:  Bohemia: Coral & Turquoise

Flamingos are usually thought of as pink birds, but they can display bright coral or red plumage as well. Flamingos are wading birds that live in semi-tropical habitats. The flamingo's color comes from beta-carotene in the shrimp or plankton that it eats.

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

Whenever you get the urge to pin something sad or horrific, don't do it. Remember this pin and spread some happy instead.>> I needed this cause somehow I got to posts about war and death. What fun.

baby blackbirds awaiting their feeding in peebles, scotland, photo david cheskin honger!