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Too Many of Keyblades by *SMachajewski on deviantART

EDIT: Are you interested in a keyblade for yourself or a specific character? Commissions are now offered here: [link] Keyblades. Too Many Keyblades

Kingdom Hearts

The End by christon-clivef on DeviantArt

Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep. Such a sad parting of ways. I swear the Kingdom Hearts franchise always knows how to pull at my heartstrings (no pun intended)

STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LIKE SAIX. UGH. FEEEELLLLINNGGGSSS<<Saïx is one of my favorite characters.

Wow that is so sad, I thought Saix was always the bad guy. Also the thing about Even and Ienzo is so sad.

Kingdom Hearts taught me:

Kingdom Hearts taught me one thing,. My friends are my TRUE power

'I have to get stronger, stronger than him. If I make it by myself, next time we can make it together.'

I would like to see a KH/DBZ crossover where both kids look up to either Goku or Vegeta. And Vegeta would become a heartless, but a special heartless to where his pride allows him to control his now Heartless body.

KH BBS Spoof: Cartwheel by jojo56830.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

KH BBS Spoof: If you played kh bbs you'll get it this is my strategy for this fight:cartwheel, get some attacks in, cartwheel, heal, cartwheel