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A month ago I thought I could have my forever with the amazing memories but he changed that. Memories last but people don't.

but i didn't because i'm standing right in front of you but still you say nothing. -SW

Because I still have days that I break down and cry Jake. days where I don’t think I could love anyone else. days where I can actually feel the pain from losing you. I’m drowning, and you seem to be breathing better than ever

Actions speak louder

An entry from saya menonton Anda dengan mata tertutup

Sounds like a quote from "He's Just Not That Into You", but it's still right.

never forget this quote! Sometimes we are so excited to be with someone that we make excuses for behavior that we know deep down isn't right. If you're making excuses, it probably isn't the right relationship.

Why you felt what you did.

I felt what I did because I mistaken for something I thought was real but I no longer feel it because I finally understand that I was too objectified by a womanizer