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Narry laughing at the " I <3 Gemma #gemmaisthebetterstyles " poster! Hahaha

When you and your best friend laugh at the funny jokes that people don't understand

hehe, they make me laugh  -H

Their faces are so funny! I like how Niall looks not very afraid and Zayn is totally chill!

Angry narry! <3

Harry's angry vine how do they take pictures so fast i mean ive seen this post and it goes by fast!

MY NARRY HEART | emrosefeld |

my little narry heart. i never knew that that was what i was doing.

i'm so happy for them<3

I love these boys! They are amazayn, brilliam, fabulouis, extrodinharry, and PHONEMINIALL!

Right before Louis slaps Niall haha ;)

I loved this scene! So dramatic and then Louis just slaps Niall a then 'ow! wad you do dat for?