Long PlayNewspaper, 2013Design: Gluekit

Long Play Newspaper, 2013 Design: Gluekit- Inspiration for risograph imagery and layering for my zine design

TISSUE MANIPULATION by Raquel Peixoto, via Behance

Tissue Manipulation appeared from a collection of tissues that where created in the scope of a Fashion class, during the Erasmus period, in Barcelona.When looking to the diversity of existing textures came to light the idea to transfer this physical mate…

+ INTERNSHIPS + by Krunchtime, via Behance

We're offering internships at Swipe in Hamburg again!Work with us on editorial design + interactive storytelling for smartphones and tablets.


this is nice to look at aesthetically. it really doesn't make any sort of sense and seems to be mainly nonrepresentational. but it flows together super well. the black shapes add a nice contrast to the whole piece