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Vintage Roller derby


vintage roller girl Raquel Welch was crowned the ultimate derby bombshell in the 1972 movie, "Kansas City Bomber"

roller raquel on Miss Moss · raquel welch as a roller girl is pretty much the most amazing thing i’ve seen this week. all images: life magazine archives

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Loved to watch the LA Thunderbirds! Dick Lane would make it seem real!

Ultimately, if you're the organizer, you get to choose who's on the guest list.

Organising A Mum's Night Out? The Rules of Who Goes (& Who Doesn't)

vintage everyday: Vintage Photos of Ladies with Bicycles

This is the chic style that was presented in the as ladies rode on their bicycles in style! The loose curls in their hair were common at the time, as well as the headbands.

Roller Disco:La Casa Encendida

¡Bye, bye 2012! La mejor cena de Nochevieja, Woody Allen y otros placeres de fin de año

The first patented roller skate was introduced in 1760 by Belgian inventor John Joseph Merlin. His roller skate wasn't much more than an ice.

The first roller derby queen.

Julie Andrews Julie Andrews in roller derby gear. Combining my two hobbies: theatre and roller derby

Roller Derby Hall of Famers Gene Gammon, Gerry Murray, and "Mike"

Roller derby memoirs from roller derby stars. Roller derby history by former skaters. Updates and information on roller derby skaters past and present.

Manfred von Richthofen, aka “The Red Baron”, petting his dog on an airfield during World War I.

indypendenthistory: “ German flying ace Baron Manfred von Richthofen also known as The Red Baron with his dog Moritz, circa 1916 ”

Beauties on the beach

Love my vintage ladies! [img: four black women in style bathing suits standing arm-in-arm on the beach] So much style and awesome here. I love vintage bathing suits and these ladies are rocking the hell out of them.