Morten Koldby

Danish photographer Morten Koldby has taken the most impressive animal portraits I have ever seen! Staring at us straight in the face, from point-blank ran

Red Fox. #color #animals

Not only is this a sweet picture but I am interested in shape the foxes body makes when its curled up like this. I could incorporate it somehow into my logo or mark.

fox, close up

Portrait ~ photographer Andrew Bertram - saw a lot of these reds in our Tega Cay, SC woods.

Fantastic Mr. Fox! An inquisitive Red Fox

pinner says: handsome red fox. I honestly thought this was a painting at first glance

Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond, who quit her career as an art therapist to become a professional web designer, started to take photography more seriously in 2009 when she won a photo contest. Foxes are one of her favorite subjects to shoot, and as she tells Bored Panda, ‘In the area I’m visiting, hunting isn’t allowed […]

Foxes are some of the most charismatic creatures alive

Picture of the Day: 'One Happy Fox'. In this fantastic capture by Roeselien Raimond, we see a gorgeous fox in what appears to be a moment of bliss.