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Double Tier Wire Basket, Fruit Hammock, Banana Basket | Solutions

Double Tier Wire Basket, Fruit Hammock, Banana Basket i find that this is really practical

I love these!   Glass Refrigerator Jug (Set of 2) $.9.99

Glass Refrigerator Pitchers

Glass Refrigerator Jug, Fridge Door Pitcher, Quart Pitcher--i want these so bad!

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug with this sippin' lid.  I know SO many hipsters that would love this.  $8  Try using a FREE plastic coffee top from the gas station....grab a few each time u but a coffee....just screw the top on.

mason jar? or traveling mug?

Cuppow - Turn a Canning jar into a Travel mug My friend Aaron made a drinking lid for Mason Jars. WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY? “ This is CUPPOW - our solution for easier drinking from a canning jar.

Magic Wand Salt And Pepper Shakers

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

I want these salt & pepper magic wand shakers. Sprinkle some magic into my life x

Aqua Zinger Infuser

The Grommet team discovers Zing Anything, reusable water bottles. Zing Anything enables you to make the best fruit infused water. Infused water with natural ingredients, while on the go.

Silicone Kitchen Bags … much more environmentally conscious than using Ziplocks …

Silicone Kitchen Bags: Steam, microwave, store, freeze and marinate in this silicone cooking bag. Plus it takes up less space in the fridge than a storage bowl.

Kitchen Gadgets That Makes Your Life Easier

awesome Slicing Avocado's Never Got Easier With This Basketball Hoop Inspired Avocado Cuber

Akenini.com - Photos Fun Décoration - Funny pictures Decoration DIY

Akenini.com - Photos Fun Décoration - Funny pictures Decoration DIY

21 превосходных дизайнерских приборов, которые идеально подходят для вашей кухни

Turn your glass into a mini Antarctica with this ice cube maker that creates polar bear and penguin shaped ice that will float in your drink

Owls!  I want these.  For my birthday.  I will have to TELL hubby that I want these.  For my birthday.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets Save Time, Look Great

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

kitchen acce;

hey mom, this would help when freezing all the corn! :) Deluxe Corn Stripper, Corn on the Cob Stripper, Corn Kernel Remover

Beer savers?  Who would need one?  Who ever has a left over beer?

Beer Saver Bottle Caps- not sure I need one of these though. beer abuse is not in my vocabulary!