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we are bulletproof! #jungkook

aw look such a smol bean sitting on the floor by himself waiting for seokjin eomma to pick him up from preschool xD

Jungkook BTS

Am I the only one who thinks BTS looks best bare-faced? Jungkook looks a little tired in the *video* this picture is from. Hope they all get some rest. //BTS- hes perfect in every way

BTS 방탄소년단 || Jungkook 정국

Jungkook - I feel like there is some kind of noona penance I should be doing.

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// sometimes I want to marry jungkook other times I want to fight him fucking cheese crab<< much love for our golden maknae

Teamwork makes the dream work ~RM

I was so happy when I first saw this. Conan was my first anime and BTS was my first Kpop group, with Jungkook my bias. It works! << I love Conan but it ain't my first anime. Sailor Moon was and Namjoonie.


is this kookie or hiroto. i think its kookie.i think. lol what if it want either of them :') well fail for me then.