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El futuro espacial esta en el pasado y en todos nuestros corazones.

Up for Bids: Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

Inspiring and Intense Soviet Space Propaganda Posters.>We were born to make the fairy tale come true!

Vintage soviet era #aeroflot #russian #airline poster a3 print, View more on the LINK: http://www.zeppy.io/product/gb/2/291822116625/

Vintage soviet era #aeroflot #russian #airline poster a3 print, View more on the LINK: http://www.zeppy.io/product/gb/2/291822116625/

SYPHILIS ~ stay away from dance halls! Watch yourselves, ladies! It would appear that wartime soldiers were STD-riddled whores! ;D

The 12 Best World War II STD Posters

vintage photo Syphilis sexually transmitted disease, All of these men soldiers have it, Women Stay away from dance halls, World War Two propaganda

Soviet propaganda poster from 1980s At the bottom is a slogan saying: I wouldn't suggest to use force Mr Reagan."

Seven decades of Soviet propaganda – in pictures

As the Minsk History Museum in Belarus holds an exhibition celebrating the USSR, we look back at some of the best Soviet poster art

Фото, автор amyat на Яндекс.Фотках

Фото, автор amyat на Яндекс.Фотках

Chairman Mao is the reddest red sun in our hearts : Maoist propaganda posters at Essex University Theatre

A stunning set of propaganda posters from the University of Westminster's collection of posters of the Cultural Revolution is on show at Essex University.

China. Cultural Revolution Propaganda, c. 1966

Cultural Revolution Propaganda, c. free paper toys at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel, new memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, a mystic suffering financial ruination in Hong Kong and her miracles *

This Soviet propaganda poster was published during the Second World War. It says: "will give everything for the front!" Photograph: Leonard de Selva/Corbis

Seven decades of Soviet propaganda – in pictures


Cccp / Soviet ☭ Politics aside, old soviet propaganda art/posters/etc makes for some very cool art

Small Stuff's PrintMini: Printable Dollhouse Miniatures & Printies

This vintage World War II poster features a man who is half normal civilian and half German soldier. It declares, "Talk Less, You Never Know". Celebrate American and History with this digitally restored vintage war poster from The War Is Hell Store.

Выставка Представьте себе Москву. Архитектура, пропаганда, революция

Революция, пропаганда и Москва: в Лондоне покажут советскую архитектуру

It's remarkable how a graphic style that emerged 100 years ago from a backdrop of political turmoil, seismic societal shifts, and radical ideologies can still