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Pescador en cuero vacuno

Pescador en cuero vacuno

An asset for Blur Studio's prologue for Thor: The Dark World.

ra, nicolas collings : league of legends Zyra by nicolas collings on ArtStation.

Pinstriping is appliying a thin line of paint to a surface to enhance the curves and provide a visual artwork. Here is how to pinstripe a motorcycle helmet.

How to Pinstripe a motorcycle helmet

The Bell 500 Helmet Series has proven to be exceedingly popular, the combination of retro...modern safety standards...motorcyclists...3/4 face helmet style.

Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

The Bell 500 Helmet Series has proven to be exceedingly popular, the combination of retro.


Medieval Loki Helmet - Revised by Azmal Watch Artisan Crafts / Leatherwork

helmet (incredible)

this is my helmet i usually wear when i play wood elf.as wood elf i normally wear loads of armour so obviously i needed a helmet as well ^^ -Its got a steel skull, so that would actu.

A great shot of Evel Knievel showcasing the beauty of his white leathers with navy and red trim. Knievel was buried in a leather jacket like the one you see here when he passed away in 2007. Pal Matthew McConaughey offered this eulogy– “He’s forever in flight now. He doesn’t have to come back down. He doesn’t have to land.” And yes, McConaughey was probably stoned. A bit of an odd pairing if ever there was one, but I ask you– Who doesn’t love Evel Knievel?


This 1971 feature film tells the story of infamous motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel. It's equal parts comedy and biography with plenty of stunts.

Ski and snowboard helmets have certainly evolved over the years. Basic hard hats have morphed into stylish head-pieces with built-in audio and even military-inspired visor brims. But $790 to protect your noggin from a company that’s known for their past collaboration with the likes of Bently? That’s exactly what you get with Zia’s Capalina helmet. Its super lightweight carbon shell compliment the ear protection and chinstrap which are carefully crafted with merino wool and soft leather.

Skiing in the Alps becomes infinitely better and safer with this beautiful thing on your head. Gorgeous carbon fiber and leather skiing helmet by zai.

James Billson - Armadura estilo gótico (reconstrucción).

Imperial guards are the strongest and bravest knights of all men, and their armour cost a small fortune. They are trained since they can walk, gaining perfect body.