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This is especially clever if that's Durga on the t-shirt (I can't quite tell), because she travels on a tiger/lion! (Hindu deities all have vehicles ("vahanas").

Derealization is a subjective experience of unreality of the outside world, while depersonalization is unreality in one's sense of self. Although most authors currently regard derealization (surroundings) and depersonalization (self) as independent constructs, many do not want to separate derealization from depersonalization. These symptoms often co-occur, but there is another, more philosophical reason: the idea that the experience of self, others, and world is one continuous whole.

Depersonalization disorder, all called depersonalization-derealization disorder, as well as DPD, is a complex disorder, characterized by a seeming detachment from the reality of oneself.

Charlotte Caron - paint on perspex/ glass with a contrasting image.:

Charlotte Caron - paint on perspex/ glass with a contrasting image.: People are animals, bring in politics and the current world etc. what I think about society/ people at the moment.

fashion collages series by designer Boris Peianov and photographer Dan B.

Boris Peianov’s Illusions of a Silhouette

Poetic Painting-like Series of Portraits Photography – Fubiz Media

Poetic Painting-like Series of Portraits Photography

following the series 'skins' and 'second skins', miguel vallinas continues to reflect on identity, existence and personal choice through his latest collection called 'roots'.

fashionably dressed flowers by miguel vallinas display their budding personalities:


March 2016 ☞ Painting ☞ is a Madrid based photographer who began his ‘Roots’ series with the intention of ‘investigating the roots in us all’.