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Naomi Elliott.

/ GOUCHE / Naomi Elliott / Block coloured gouche, really appeals to the graphic nature of the illustration. Simple shapes to convey a vibe,contemporary illustration

work by "uinverso" aka sisters, nadiuska & priscila furtado

nadiuska & priscila furtado (The Jealous Curator)

lovely drawings and ceramic work of Brazil based sisters, Nadiuska and Priscila Furtado. They started this collaborative project under the name Uinverso, --- seen on The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// nadiuska & priscila furtado

O inverno está chegando e já está quase na hora de tirar os casacos dos armários. A artista Ilka Mészely criou uma série de ilustrações intitulada “Stay Warm” onde o foco são casacos ge…

Casacos geométricos e saias de pompom para o inverno

using the natural properties of the material to help create more exciting and engaging environments

andrea d’aquino (and a book give-away!) (The Jealous Curator)

alice's adventures in wonderland, illustrated by andrea d'aquino (giveaway on the site today). Illustrating a common children's book

Girls - Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson's illustrations are composed of simple shapes and contrasting vector lines. Set in surroundings that are filled with contemporary graphics and vibrant patterns, her curated scenes are refreshing and playful.

fumi koike

fumi koike (The Jealous Curator)

These lovely, calming pieces are the work of Japanese artist / illustrator Fumi Koike. Her muted palettes and simple observations of day-to-day life make me want to slow down