Henri Matisse: Sorrow of the Kings, 1952 Gouache-painted paper cut-outs, mounted on canvas 292 x 386 cm. Henri Matisse: Sorrow of the Kings, 1952

plate from the illustrated book, Jazz by Matisse

Le Cauchemar de l'Elephant Blanc (The Nightmare of the White Elephant) - Henri Matisse

Painting with scissors: Matisse’s cut-outs at Tate Modern

Curtain design for the ballet "Rouge et Noir" [briefly called L’Etrange Farandole] by Henri Matisse, 1938

Yellow Odalisque Henri Matisse 1937.

Henri Matisse "Odalisque with Yellow Persian Robe", 1937 (France, Expressionism / Fauvism, cent.

Le Lanceur De Couteaux, Henri Matisse 1947 aestheticgoddess

Henri Matisse, "Jazz" series of cutouts, titled "Knife Thrower" from the circus theme of all "Jazz" titles

Henri Matisse, Joie de Vivre, 1906, Fauvism

Henri Matisse Painting Title: Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life) Oil on Canvas - approx About the Joy if Life P.