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no más! kapiche?


I rolled out of bed bc of my alarm today, and I almost bailed on the gym! But I forced myself to go, and it was definitely worth it :)

Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast : Amazing Recipes TO Lose Weight Fast

Love this idea! It’s a motivation wall for working out. Grab quotes, diet plans, anything and post it up to keep motivated! Love this idea! It’s a motivation wall for…

If you have been following me a while, you must know that I believe in the power of personal development. One of my favorite books is "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy. This book brings home the fact that every step we take, each day, compounded over time has an effect! So, look at each step as progress towards your goal, no matter how small and be proud of each accomplishment

The Ultimate Guide to Dad's Health

Weight Loss program: heres the exact reason you should never Diet like a man. Really want excellent tips and hints on weight loss? Head out to our great info!


Fitness Tips Start Running. Drink More Water. Log What You Eat. Never Skip Breakfast. Exercise With A Friend. Eat More Veggies. Set Goals and Rewards. Weigh Yourself Weekly. Have Fun and Stay Positive!

Motivate yourself to become a stronger, healthier, more confident YOU

I need a little corkboard to do this! Replace the wedding pictures with my dream bod, and it's all good. I love the idea

Fitness, Health & Well-Being | 45 Quotes That Will Have You Running to the Gym | POPSUGAR Fitness

43 Quotes That Will Have You Running to the Gym

A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses

Maybe some day. Too broke right now! xD No more sugar, processed & fast foods, or seafood/meats. Clean eating, fresh vegetables ,fruits, legumes, grains & occasional tofu. Plenty of water.

Not A Morning Person? Read This

This about sums it up! Lifestyle change for yourself and your family. Treat your body good and only put good things into it. Lose weight FAST with the Military Diet. I don't call it a diet I call it a "lifestyle".

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Whole 30 fact: days from now you're either going to be blown away by how much you've improved in how you look, feel and perform. Or, you're going to regret not having done your best. The choice is yours!

Is your weight loss motivation fading?-- Do it more for yourself rather than anything else but the extra comments don't hurt :) # weight loss tips for men

This is just so true! #weightloss #motivation

The true Mediterranean diet is the anti-diet. Diets that severely restrict foods don't work as they are boring. The Mediterranean diet approach is much better for you.

Calories in a pound. Well this is kind of depressing.. Starting to think I'm gonna have to go on that elliptical a little longer...

Take 1 pound off per week by creating a 500 calorie "deficit" per day. You can do this by eating 250 fewer calories and burning an extra 250 calories (for example, walk for miles)

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21 Day Fix Workout Review (WEIGHT LOSS IN 21 DAYS)