streetart by Skurktur

Skurktur - Cultura Inquieta

I need some rainbow rain in my life. From Street Art Utopia. Piece by Skurktur, Norway.

XXL Leinwandbilder - MEGA XXXL Bilder auf Leinwand NEU

Life is short. Chill the *uck out! Why aren't there any duck emojis? Tag in…

Imaginary Foundation

Use paint instead of melted crayons! The next group project. (idk if this is banksy.

Read about the scene in Melbourne here: (Photo © Guymauve/flickr)

The 5 Best Melbourne Street Artists and Where to Find Them

Street Art By Brazilian Artist Tinho On The Streets Of Frankfurt, Germany.

Tinho New Mural In Frankfurt, Germany

Mural in Frankfurt, Germany by Brazilian street artist Walter Nomura aka Tinho

La révolution des oeillets

25 of April The name "Carnation Revolution" comes from the fact no shots were fired and when the population started descending the streets to celebrate the end of the war in the colonies, carnation flowers were pu

Un graffito anti-Trump, firmato dalla street artist Bambi è spuntato su un muro del borgo londinese di Islington. Nel murale, in bianco e nero, Theresa May e Donald Trump ballano come nel film "La La Land" al posto degli attori, in odore di Oscar, Emma Stone e Ryan Gosling. Sull'immagine campeggia l…

Lie Lie Land, Theresa May balla con Trump nel murale della street artist londinese


Shadow-Like Street Art (UPDATE)

The work of Pejac Street artist Pejac makes clever use of the urban environment in his works.

Nice paintings in and around the city.. Love this art!

Graffiti Banksy : Unique Graffiti Character Banksy With Broken Heart In Street Art Design Unique Graffiti Banksy in Street Art


Cool Street Art In California Along the lines of learning to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass:)

After such a long project to complete these beauties I wanted my 4th graders to have a really fun, stress free, extension for those that were done on our last workday of this project... enter Roll-A-P

Roll-A-Picasso! (The Artsy Fartsy Art Room)

After such a long project to complete these beauties I wanted my graders to have a really fun, stress free, extension for those that were done on our last workday of this project. enter Roll-A-P

2nd Grade Underwater Self-Portraits (2015)

2nd Grade Underwater Self-Portraits (2015) (The Artsy Fartsy Art Room)

Second graders loved Robert Wyland so much that we did two projects inspired by him. Out first was Warm and Cool Waves, the second were these AWESOME underwater self-portraits inspired by this, this A