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Pertenencias de cubanos desalojados del parque El Arbolito en Quito, Ecuador

Pertenencias de cubanos desalojados del parque El Arbolito en Quito, Ecuador

European bioplastics: Biodegradable plastics were never designed to be a solution to marine litter. You could say this article is a marketing spin. T: Pollution, Sustainable packaging

Six ways to reduce plastic output! (Totally do-able ways) There are more than 8 million tons of plastic in our Learn how you can make an impact!

Cuba After Communism

Cuba has entered a new era of economic reform that defies easy comparison to post-Communist transitions elsewhere. Washington should take the initiative and establish a new diplomatic and economic modus vivendi with Havana.

Efectivos del servicio de guardacostas de Cuba detienen a un grupo de hombres que intentaban emigrar ilegalmente a Estados Unidos, en esta foto de archivo del 4 de junio del 2009.

Cuban coast guards, right, stop seven men trying to migrate illegally to the U. near Havana

Desigualdad pendiente

Thousands of children have been part of these armed groups, and although many have been forced to fight, often having killed people years before they were allowed a drink (the legal age in Colombia…

Economy and Crime Spur New Puerto Rican Exodus - NYTimes.com

Economy and Crime Spur New Puerto Rican Exodus

Puerto Rico’s extended woes, including high unemployment and pervasive crime, are causing a worrisome exodus of professionals and middle-class residents to places like Florida and Texas.

(X-Post r/trashy) Woman lays in the trash she created in only 1 week

Woman in swimsuit lying in the trash she created in one week (Gregg Segal)

2,000,000 every 5 minutes are thrown away in the United States

The Problem - 5 Gyres - Understanding Plastic Pollution Through Exploration, Education, and Action - 5 Gyres – Understanding Plastic Polluti.

Sad and beautiful...worth noting

photographer Alejandro Duran finds a beautiful intersection of the two in his photo series “Washed Up,” in which the garbage of the world makes a poignant and strangely beautiful statement about our consumerism.

livello mare

Il livello del mare si sta innalzando tre volte più velocemente dal 1990

With global temperatures increasing at a truly unprecedented rate, glaciers and ice sheets are melting, causing sea levels to begin to swallow up cities an

Mouth of the Los Angeles River, Long Beach, California. Photo source: ©© Bill McDonald, Algalita Foundation / Heal The Bay

Los Angeles public works department removes garbage caught by booms from the Los Angeles River . / Credits: Algalita Marine Research Foundation

Artist's Trash Exhibitions Depict A Planet Colonized By Plastic

Artist's Trash Exhibitions Depict A Planet Colonized By Plastic

Artist Alejandro Duran collects countless bits of trash that washes up from locations around the world for site-specific installations for an ongoing project titled Washed Up.

Πλαστικά σκουπίδια από τις θάλασσες, πρώτη ύλη για την Adidas ~ Geopolitics & Daily News

Petition ·Plastic threat in the sea to stop! Allow Toll-free waste disposal in the ports of the North Sea!

Kenya Becomes The Latest African Country To Ban Plastic Bags | Care2 Causes

The Downfall of Plastic Shopping Bags: A Global Picture - Green Building Elements

Schädlicher Kreislauf: Die Plastiktüten werden im Wasser in kleine Teilchen...

Waters off the Philippines are among the worst polluted in the world due to illegal fishing and enormous amounts of dumped plastic.