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I have a tendency to say this when I'm real drunk

Is Mama June pregnant? Watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 3 finale

Funny Honey Boo Boo Moments I feel better about my life already.

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Jumpstreet - Must watch this again! SO funny! An actual laugh out loud movie :)

Oh, hi I’m Helen. You’re from Milwaukee? Oh, I’m sorry. Have you met Lillian? She’s my best friend. Oh yeah I know we’ve only known each other for five minutes!

"Have you met Lillian? She's my best friend, we've known each other for 5 minutes.Oh, you live in Milwaukee?

chile, bronzer and jersey shore image on We Heart It

Olsen sisters if they were normal people

now i love oklahoma, but this is so funny.If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma.click through this. really, really, well done photoshop work.

Dunder Mifflen

This is an animated reaction gif of Michael Scott quietly saying "I'll kill you" while he conceals his face with his hands.

25 Funny Ellen Quotes - if she doesn't get you laughing, then you are dead inside.

17 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Would Be The Best Friend Ever

Ellen: "Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?" Sofia Vergara: "The girl with the bigger boobs.

Oh my goodness. This made me laugh.

:) ” People against gay marriage say it will “tear the social fabric.” Do you really think gay people would do anything to harm fabric? “ I just heard Tim Gunn interviewed by Terry Gross. He was both quite funny and profound.

I love Emma Stone! Andrew Garfield and her make a cute couple!

"I play Spiderman's girlfriend Gwen Stacy, who is a dynamic and brilliant science student. Not to be confused with Spiderman's other girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, who is a skank and doesn't love him like I do.

Think of the children Josh

27 Things People Do On The Internet

I love What I Like About You and Amanda Bynes.plus, this is the story of my life.

it was cinderella. i know this because i walked around the house with a broom and an apron with a ribbon tied around my head singing so this is love. and then the ribbon would fall out. guess i'm not a disney princess.

Cinderella or Belle or somebody ties their hair with a ribbon! Have you ever tried to tie your hair with a ribbon? Yeah, good fucking luck with that. -Jenna Marbles:) lol oh jenna

Hilarious. Kevin Hart and Kat Williams are the funniest people alive!!!

99 Relationship Memes That Are So Funny You May Actually Injure Yourself Laughing

Probably one of my favorite movie lines ever. Love these two!!

"Bitch, I don't know your life!" - Baby Mama sorry about the language but this is my favorite quote hahah

Humor Quotes and Sayings | LOL funny humor jokes joke teen quotes relatable funny quotes funny ...

I Bet The YMCA Dance Is A Bit Harder To Do In Chinese, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!